Wedding gifts that won’t break the bank


It’s a common misconception that for a wedding gift to be valued, it must be expensive. This is not so – a wedding gift is as much about thoughtfulness as it is about the price tag. Anyone can go out and buy the most expensive item on the wedding list and wrap it up in fancy paper. It is another matter to put some thought into finding a gift that the happy couple will cherish as thoughtful, personal and different.

An example of such a wedding gift can be as simple as a gift basket filled with various items. For example, buy bits and pieces separately and put them all together into one unique gift. You could put together a hamper with a bottle of wine, some nice chocolates and fruit. Throw in a picnic blanket and you have created your own special picnic hamper.

If the happy couple have just moved into a new house or are about to, a great idea for a wedding gift is a basket filled with everyday items that they’d usually have to go out and buy for their new home. Scented candles for the living room, kitchen utensils, bath salts and oils are some good ideas that will not cost you a fortune.

Have you known the couple for a long time before their wedding? If so, then you may have old pictures of them together which you can put into a nice photo album building up to the wedding. Leave a few pages free at the end so that they can add their wedding photos and perhaps future photos of their honeymoon or their children.

If you know the couple well, you may know what their special song is. The chances are that it will be played at the wedding anyway, but if you can find out what “their tune” is beforehand, then you can make a memorable gift. Buy a CD of their favourite song and frame the cover with the CD next to it. Perhaps buy a small postcard or picture of them or the band to put in the frame as well. This will be a truly special gift to them both and will show that you have put a lot of thought into the wedding gift, whilst at the same time not breaking the bank.

Just remember that a wedding gift doesn’t carry a price tag in the hearts of the bride and groom. They will appreciate much more a gift which has been thought about.

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