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If you have a large house or a close friend or relative who is willing to allow it, the home can be an excellent place to hold your wedding. In particular the familiarity of the home and the intimacy can make for a truly special day. Plus there is the obvious benefit of the saved money that would normally go on rent for another, larger venue.

However, take care if you decide to host your wedding at home. There can be additional stress and problems; for you if the house is your own, or for the friend or relative. The logistics can also be a difficulty when accommodating a high number of guests, so you will need to decide on a limit of people to invite if space is short.

On the plus side there are several big advantages to hosting your wedding in your own home. You have much more freedom of choice in decorations and food because some venues will already be decorated to a heavy extent and only offer certain choices of menu. You are also free to create a more intimate and homely feel to the wedding.

You also have the choice of hiring a caterer or making food preparations yourself, which allows a great deal of flexibility. If the couple have common interests which they would like reflected on their wedding day, it is very possible to do so because of the flexibility afforded by hosting the wedding in their own home.

The wedding guests will also feel more at ease because they will be more familiar with the surroundings whereas a large venue may make them feel a little uncomfortable. You could also suggest to your guests that the dress code is less formal because of the venue. The absence of waiting staff and bar tenders may also add to the relaxed atmosphere and create more of a social, informal gathering as opposed to a formal sit-down meal.

However, problems may also be associated with hosting a wedding at a friend’s home. The main one is that the owner will most likely become increasingly worried about the proceedings. The idea of opening up their home to many guests at a wedding may not make them very comfortable. Be aware of their feelings and don’t push them into allowing you to use their home, because you will be creating a great deal of stress for them that they are not prepared for.

Overall there are a number of advantages and disadvantages to hosting your wedding at home, so take the time to weigh up your options and discuss with friends the implications of them offering their home for your wedding day.

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