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You can definitely save time and money on this one. There are hundreds of options for lovely printed invitations available although we did find that they were often of the same style, ie gold and silver filigree writing with lots of ribbons, bells, champagne flutes etc. As we were getting married with such short notice we had to distribute invitations quickly. We decided to buy notecards with a retro-look print – tied in well with our Palm Springs theme – and printed off the invitation inserts on a PC and glued them into the cards.

A great place to look for blank notecards is Target. They stock a good range in funky designs for a really reasonable price. The invitation wording was to the point including basics such as venue, date, time and a brief day-plan. The day-plan was useful because it gave guests a little bit of understanding about how the day would be structured as we wanted guests to feel free to wander off and explore Palm Springs in the late afternoon after the barbecue stuff had finished and before the evening party started.

Decoration and Flowers

During the course of our research, we found a number of websites dedicated to weddings and investigated the venue decoration possibilities. We wanted elegant simplicity without too much of the conventional weddingy stuff. Chocolate fountains, yards of silk drapery and ribbon festooned gifts weren’t at the top of our list. Luckily, the venue we chose was full of colour and greenery with palm trees and mountains in the distance offering a ready-made backdrop. We spent our decoration budget on candles and lots of single stemmed roses in one colour.

We created a focal point for the ceremony by filling different-sized clear glass vases with roses arranged on two round tables covered with ivory tablecloths and placed either side of the officiant. My bouquet was a bunch of six single-stemmed roses with a little greenery and wired ribbon tying them all together. My lovely mother-in-law did this for me on the morning of the wedding, working from an image I downloaded from a florist’s website. It worked a treat! So if there is someone creative in the family, make use of them. They love to help.

Also, buttonholes were made only for the groom, parents and best men. If you want to give everyone a flower, why not give away one of the stems from the flower arrangement before they leave at the end of the day? Large candles in hurricane lamps decorated with eucalyptus were placed at either end of the buffet table. All the vases and the candle lamps are now in use in our apartment and on the balcony back at home. Again, look around Target for vases, and tablecloths. Michaels Craft Stores was also very useful for candles, ribbons and floristry tape.

Ten top tips: Introduction
Tips 1 & 2: Traditions and Wedding Group/The Ceremony
Tips 3 & 4: The Officiant/The Venue
Tips 7 & 8: Catering, Champagne & Entertainment/Wedding outfits
Tips 9 & 10: Photography/Relax and enjoy every moment

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