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Our first intention was not to use a formal photographer as we had struggled, once again, to find someone who could take pictures in a non-traditional wedding style. We thought we could use a friend to take informal pictures of the day in more of a documentary style as that was what we wanted. Ultimately, on the advice of concerned family members we decided to hire a photographer to be sure that a handful of the photos would be guaranteed good ones.

Again, we had to shop around and talk to several until we discovered a professional photographer that we could hire for just over an hour and had photos taken before the ceremony of the bride and groom and our respective parents. This was partly because we were both incredibly nervous and didn’t want an audience glaring at us when we took formal group shots and partly because if these shots were in the bag before the ceremony then we could relax more, have a celebratory champagne and hopefully other more relaxed pictures would just happen after the ceremony.

Relax and enjoy every moment

Once the morning arrives, try to relax and stop worrying about the bits you didn’t get around to doing. If they haven’t been booked, made, bought or ordered now then they simply aren’t going to happen and probably weren’t meant to be.

During the four weeks planning the wedding a lot of people would say to me that a wedding is exactly about what you and your partner want and nothing else matters. Particularly in the case of a small wedding, you are inviting a select group of people who you want to share the day with and they want to be there for you. Don’t fret if there is not enough greenery in the flower arrangements or the napkins are not the same shade of ivory as the tablecloths – just enjoy every moment of your special day and have fun!

Ten top tips: Introduction
Tips 1 & 2: Traditions and Wedding Group/The Ceremony
Tips 3 & 4: The Officiant/The Venue
Tips 5 & 6: Invitations/Decoration and Flowers
Tips 7 & 8: Catering, Champagne & Entertainment/Wedding outfits

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