My initial reaction to (Portuguese) weddings is: “Please, please, don’t invite me, please!” Obviously I don’t actually say that, but it’s what I think when someone tells me they’re getting married.

They cost a fortune here to have and to go to. I must point out at this stage I’m talking about weddings in the north of Portugal. I was interested to find out recently that down south (and around Lisbon) they’re not such a big deal. There is no such thing as a small Portuguese wedding and I don’t think there’s any such thing as a Register Office wedding either. Never heard of one, anyway.

Your typical Portuguese wedding is this. I went to one just like it a couple of weeks ago. It was better than the previous one I went to earlier this year because I didn’t know anyone except the bride and groom. Perfect. So anyway, if you’re a friend of the bride, you go to her house and the same for the groom. You’ll watch her being photographed and generally socialise for about an hour, you might get fed and watered if you’re lucky (traditionally, yes). Sustenance for the church service. Keep one’s strength up. Everyone then drives to the church in convoy.
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